21st/School Balls

Riccarton Park is a perfect venue for school balls and 21st celebrations. We make it easy for you with simple pricing and convenient locations. You have a safe, professional school ball or 21st venue with everything looked after for you.

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What People Think

Thank you for being such a lovely and helpful venue for our formal. The evening ran very smoothly and the security staff were very good. The students and staff had a lovely time.


Laura Failing

Avonside Girls High

May 2018

Thank you so much for the part you played in the providing a great venue for our School Formal. The evening was a lot of fun and went really smoothly. We enjoyed working with you because you were so helpful and calm, going out of your way to scope the venue, dealing with all of our emails and answering all of our questions. We appreciated the time we had to set up the decorations the day prior and on the night found the security and hospitality staff equally professional, helpful and friendly. Many thanks again for all that you did to support us in creating this special evening.


Rosemary Whyte

Oxford Area School

July 2017